Enfilez-moi (ex version)

To know everything about the Fudoon, this is where it happens!
When to wear your Fudoon
The Fudoon is a hybrid garment that protects against cold, rain and wind.
Designed without sleeves, it can be put on and taken off without it being necessary to undress, making it easier to use when walking or rolling.
The hood and plastron cover the heart, throat, neck and head, areas particularly sensitive to temperature variations.
The Fudoon repels water with a water-repellent treatment, can be slipped under or over a bicycle helmet and tightens so it does not fly off.r.
Stowed in its cover at the bottom of a bag, it is pulled out at the slightest drop of rain or the first frost, and can be removed in a gesture during a’un hot shot. Take it everywhere with you!
How to wear your Fudoon
The Fudoon, with its vibrant colors, reconciles the elegance of a coat and the comfort of a down jacket. It can be worn under a coat, a perfecto, a denim jacket, or simply over a t-shirt.rt.
Give a second life to your coats and jackets by associating your Fudoon with them. A boost and comfort guaranteed!
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The Fudoon is a collar, a hood, an umbrella or a scarf and it accompanies you from the first pedal stroke to the last drink on the terrace..
You too, put it on!
The fabric is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified: its production has been reliably tested for substances harmful to the body..
Reversible YKK zipper closure
Polyester padding, with us we leave the birds alone.
How to care for your Fudoon
The Fudoon is machine washable at 30. Do not rush it in a dryer, but place it gently on a hanger or flat. You can also take it to a professional, but the use of trichlorethylene is prohibited, as well as bleach.l.

The material of the Fudoon is water repellent, which prevents water from soaking up, but the treatment may wear off with washes. Don't hesitate to re-waterproof your Fudoon.oon.